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No plan or project is created in a vacuum or all at once. During the course of this project, maps and materials will be produced, and previous plans and projects in this region will be reviewed for how they relate and could impact or influence the Johnston County Regional Park. 

Here, you can find links to documents, presentations, and other websites that relate to Johnston County and the developments, transportation networks, and parks and open space. Materials produced for this project will also be posted here for public comment. You can use the comment box linked below to leave feedback or reach out directly to the project using the information at the bottom of the page. 

On September 27, 2022, a community input meeting was held at the Smithfield Recreation & Aquatics Center. For this meeting, a series of boards were created showing site analysis, engagement results, and precedent imagery. You can view these in the slideshow here, and double click to view the PDF or each board. 

Community Input Meeting #2
JCCP Envision Forum 3 Pres Cover.jpg
Envision Johnston: Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Johnston County is currently wrapping up the planning process for the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This plan features a section of recommendations for parks and recreation in the county. You can review the most recent draft and the last presentation through links on the County's Planning and Zoning website.

In Spring of 2021, Johnston County adopted the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. You can read more about the plan on the Parks and Open Space website or read the plan itself for the detailed recommendations and assessments of current conditions of parks in the County.

Johnston County Parks & Recreation Master Plan (August 2021)
JoCo Parks and Rec Cover.jpg
SEAS-Study-Area-Map (1).png
SEAS (Southeast Area Study) 2023 Update

The North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is the regional transportation planning organization serving communities in Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston and Wake Counties. Due to the size of the area and the variety of community it includes, CAMPO conducts area studies for specific regions of their jurisdiction. Johnston County falls under the Southeast Area Study, which is currently undergoing an update. More information can be found on the CAMPO and SEAS websites.

SEAS (Southeast Area Study) 2017 Update

The previous SEAS report was adopted in 2017. You can view the plan on CAMPO's website for recommendations that relate to Johnston County. The project currently underway will examine recommendations from this plan and review for completion and relevance as it considers current data and new projects.

SEAS_Aug 2017_Final_Report_20220330.jpg
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