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About The Project

Johnston County Regional Park MAster Plan

The project involves two distinct sites, one rich with recreational history, the other, rich with agricultural history. Both sites, the 23 acre ‘Complex’, and the 80-acre open space (the Matthews-Polenta site), offer their own unique design opportunities. Visit the Johnston County Parks and Open Space Program Planning and Progress webpage for additional information.


The Complex, with its sprawling recreational campus and historic gymnasium facility, require thoughtful investigation and evaluation of how to integrate proposed features into existing well utilized features. Many of its features have outlived their useful life. Accessibility and mobility to all site features, especially the remote fields of the Complex will be reviewed through the design process. While the introduction of new features and amenities will be explored, so too will preservation of significant community landmarks through listening and recognition of what the community values in this place.

Matthews-Polenta Site Details

The vast 80-acre open space, with its gentle rolling topography, wide open vistas and wooded western edge offer a staggering multitude of possibilities. A wide array of recreational pursuits, from active play courts and fields to passive path systems and picnic groves and much more can be envisioned on these sites. It offers incredible opportunity to envision a truly extraordinary recreational campus.

Foundational to the success of unlocking the site’s potential and for identifying the most important needs of the park sites is found in a robust community input process. Given the project scale, developing a comprehensive master plan will help prioritize projects phased as resources are available while keeping a focused larger guiding vision.

Project Timeline

Here is an illustrative timeline for the Johnston County Regional Park Master Plan. This covers the overall pacing of the project as it has been scheduled, but it is subject to change.


  • Tuesday, July 26: Community Engagement Meeting at the Complex’s Concession Stand and Pavilion

  • August – September: Development of Initial Recommendations

  • Tuesday, September 27: Public Engagement Meeting to review Initial Recommendations

  • October – November: Draft Master Plan Development

  • December: Draft Master Plan Review

  • January  2023: Final Master Plan

July 26, 2022
Engagement Event

September 27, 2022
Engagement Event

January 2023,
Engagement Event

Flow graphic2.png
Final Master Plan
Draft Master Plan Review
Develop Draft Master Plan
Develop Initial Recommend-ations

July 26

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